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Rhododendron in dwarf form | Retail

Bring spring, sunshine and color into your home with the

Bee lover line from My Home is My Castle

The eye-catching carrying bands of My Home is My Castle feature a new design. The Bee and more specifically the Bumblebee plays a prominent role on the label.

The abundantly flowering Rhododendrons are real bees attractors. As true spring heralds, they attract the nectar-gathering bumblebee. Our species are early bloomers, just after winter and in early spring. The large bumblebee is the first to arrive at that time and is attracted by the exuberant and colorful blooms.

That is why we say; 'the Rhodo is a real Bee Lover'. And that makes you happy, doesn't it?  

Kortenhorst has been in business for 40 years now and is specialized in Rhododendrons in pot 15. An extensive range of 20 species and 6 main colors will be available again this year.

Frans Kortenhorst: "Our Bee Lover rhodo brings spring, sunshine and color into people's homes".  

The pots are taupe colored, made from post consumer waste and carbon free. Taupe is a color that mixes warmly with pink, purple, blue, yellow, red and white blooms. Our assortment of dwarf rhododendrons consists of twenty varieties in six main colors.

The pots are always fitted with a clean, moisture-regulating and weed-repelling cover sheet over the potting soil. See also the heading Clean-Pot system in the menu. For the retailer, this means that the customer carries the plants through the store and past the cash register without grit. The carrying strap ensures that the customer then transports the plants home with ease.

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