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Carry Pot System®

Kortenhorst Nursery has the consumer solution with the Carry Pot System®.

What is the Carry Pot System®?

Carry Pot System® is a strap attached to the plant pot. Photo label and plant information are integrated in the carry strap.

Advantages of this system: easy to handle and an attractive visual presentation.

The Carry Pot System® was developed in order to help the consumer. The carry strap makes it easy to carry the plants. The hands remain clean because plants are picked up by the carry strap instead of by the pot itself.
All carry strap labels face the same direction which is in contrast to the usually disorganised presentation of the more traditional labelling systems. This results in properly aligned and well-organised displays of plants neatly presented on tables, shelves and in the shops. The consumer sees all the important information at a single glance.

Below you can see a movie how the carrying strap to the pot be confirmed.

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