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Cleanpot System® | Clean-Pot System®

Kortenhorst Boomkwekerij has developed Clean-Pot System®.
With Clean-Pot System® pots are covered with a foil. Visual

Clean-Pot System® visual

Benefits of foil covering on pots:

Clean plants
No more moss or weeds in the pots.
Cleaner processing when selling plants in the store and at the checkout.

Plants have longer shelf life
The plants can be kept in store for longer as the moisture
in the pot does not evaporate so quickly.

Produced more sustainably
Reduced use of pesticides, water and fertilizer.
contributes to a smaller water and CO2 footprint.

Pot and foil can be recycled
Both pot and foil are recyclable.
The foil is easy to remove.

Clean-Pot System®

Fully automatic potting with Clean-Pot System®

Here you can see the working of the Clean-Pot System® machine

Here you see how you can remove the foil and carrying strap.

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