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The assortment of Dwarf Rhododendrons and Ericaceous Specials, which are grown in Kortenhorst Nursery, belong to the most visual attractive species and they flower in March and April.

All our products are extremely suitable for use in small gardens, rock gardens, balcony and windowsill.
All our products are also equipped with the Carry Pot System®.
This user-friendly carry strap with an eye-catching presentation makes it easy to carry the plants.

Dwarf Rhododendrons and Ericaceous Specials are acid-loving plants, this means they grow best in the garden in peat or in earth mixed with turf.
Dwarf Rhododendrons and Ericaceous Specials are saleable, from flowerbud till flowering, from October to April,
see flowering and assortimentslist .

Dwarf Rhododendrons

The Greek word Rhododendron means “rose tree” and includes around a thousand species.
In the Netherlands the Dwarf rhododendron is called “alpine rose” because of the species which occur in the European mountainous areas of the Dolomites, the Alps,the Apennines and the Pyrenees.
Dwarf rhododendrons are evergreen plants that form a lot of flowers and need a moist and sheltered site.
Our assortment of Dwarf rhododendrons consists of many cross-breeds with a large variety of colour that combine perfectly with each other.
Dwarf rhododendrons are winter hardy down to between -12ºC and -32ºC depending on the type.

Ericaceous Specials

By Ericaceous Specials we mean heathery plants with a high visual value, like beautiful leaf colour, berries and many flowers and are a jewel in the garden.

Phylliopsis hillieri 'Sprite'
Phylliopsis x is a cross-breed between Phyllodoce and Kalmiopsis.
This wintergreen shrub is acid-loving and thrives well in a half shade/sun environment.
The height after 10 years is 40 cm and the flower color is pink. Phylliopsis blooms with
intervals almost all year, the flowering period in March is hereby the most exuberant.
Phylliopsis ‘Sprite’ is winter hardy (-15ºC).

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