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We kindly ask the trade to contact Frans Kortenhorst +31 (0)615034773 or directly via our accountmanager Jeroen Kooiman, Retailflora +(0)6 53 20 65 66. You can also find our assortment in the app.

March, month of the Rhododendron.


Growing Season Summer 2024 | Home25/06/2024 | General | Source Kortenhorst Boomkwekerij

Growing Season Summer 2024

Growing Season Summer 2024 [read more]


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Consumer friendly carrysystem

Kortenhorst Tree nursery is a specialized nursery in visually attractive plants in pots. In our greenhouses we grow, under optimal conditions, our range of dwarf Rhododendrons and ericacea Specials.

Kortenhorst nursery developed the Carry Pot System ® . This Carry Pot System ® is a carrying strap connected to the pots. The photo label and the plant information are integrated in the strap. This consumer-friendly decorative carrying strap makes it attractive to the buyer to buy these plants.

For more sustainable cultivation and clean trading, we have been covering the pot with foil since 2015 using the Cleanpot System® that we developed. The results are very good. The advantage of this cover is that less water and fertiliser is used to grow the plants, and we also have less or no problems with moss and weed growth on our plants.
We also produce this system for the pot plant industry and offer technical support for its implementation.

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